Illusion of Reality

Who loves Reality ? definitely not me! We all love to wander off in our own imaginary land rather be in cold and ruthless reality don’t we ? Reality can often be disappointing, frustrating and treacherous some times. I bet everyone must have heard this saying “Sooner or later we have to face reality”. That is absolutely true! But often we settle down being deprived and depressed assuming that’s our reality. That’s the Illusion of reality trap we don’t want to get in and definitely don’t want to be trapped in forever.

This Photo-shoot depicts the Illusion of Reality and raising up from the illusion.

“The wind of burden shook me, the waves of woe rock me away”

“The smile, laughter and happiness were long gone now”

“I run miles and see no end, this journey seems never ending”

“The fear of being stuck, enrages within me like a wildfire”

“These darkest moments clouds my senses, I often fail to see things from different perspectives “

“I saw the light, the light which I ignored to see for a long time. Now I dance to my own tunes”

“I made a move and my view changed”

“I see it clearly now! the walls once closing in no more exists, I will be no more fooled by this Illusion of Reality

We all must have stuck in this Illusion but it’s up to us to see pass this illusion or be stuck in it forever.


  1. Nithya Rajpandian & Frank – Photographer
  2. Dilya Fina – Model

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