About Us

I am Nithya Rajapandian, started my Photography career back in 2015 with landscapes. I strongly believe in storytelling through visual medium. I love travelling and majorly have traveled in India with my Camera. My interest ventured into shooting Portraits and Fashion as well. My love for taking photos has helped me to develop a keen eye in seeing a story in things that I shoot.

“Every photo has got a story”

This is what “PhotoVerse” stands for. For me Photography is more than just what meets the eye. Every minute detail of it has lot of untold stories within.


We as a team believe that visual art medium is for creating an impact – even if it is of tiny scale, wherever & whenever possible. Being inclined towards creating a sustainable environment and appreciating this place we all call home – we strive to bring the beauty in nature through the art that we believe in. We are a Eco-conscious brand and believe that we can be a small part to create a sustainable planet by bringing awareness through documentaries and photographs of the natural world that’s around us.

PhotoVerse as a business

We shoot Landscapes, work with Art galleries and sell photo prints for various purposes. Also, we specialize in Editorial fashion and Conceptual photoshoot.