The Bridal edit

The dream of dressing up and being that special bride on that special day is always a thrill. Chuckles all around with the fragrance of flowers adorning the place, it can’t get more festive than this. There is a beautiful phrase “raising up to the occasion” and this is our story of raising up to this beautiful occasion to be the most elegant, fabulous and stunning bride on my big day.


  1. Nithya Rajapandian, Frank , Sundar – Photographers
  2. Studio149 – Wardrobe
  3. Abhinaya, Prithivee, Rheaya – Models
  4. Vurve Salon РHair and Makeup
  5. Vbhushan – Jewelry


“Our quest to find ever lasting love ends today”

“Laughter and fun all around here comes our big day”

“Jitters all over, it’s the rest of my life”


The moment that will change my life forever, a long awaited life I want to cherish 

“Every piece of my robe demands attention, the effort to look more than a regular bride is real”

Every piece of my jewelry tells a story, a story of passion and love.

Deep conversations and silly gossips

“This is the day where my dreams become reality”

“The special brides about to embark a long lasting journey”


“Make way for the bride”

“I shall be the most prettiest lady in town today”

“A little touch of sisterhood to make a perfect bride”

“I take a step, you take a step, let’s redefine elegance”


“We stood by each other in times of grief and despair, now the tides have changed”

“So is this the fuss is all about! bang goes my B day”

” Therefore you shall address me as matron now and forever “


This shoot was fun and laughter, challenging and there was this amazing creative space that we all got to explore in each of our fields. We absolutely loved the outcome. Would love to listen to your thoughts and feedback about this photo series. Do post them in the comment box below.

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