Old school Romance

I had this idea of shooting reel life couples clothed in Western and Traditional Indian wear. The idea is to show the essence of subtle romance while being clothed in two different extremes. We have seen too many movies where in most of it idea of romance is not subtle rather exaggerated for entertainment.


  1. Nithya Rajapandian ( Photographer ) – www.instagram.com/nithya_rajapandian
  2. Frank Donald ( Photographer ) – www.instagram.com/frank.dony
  3. Dharvin Sivaprakasam ( Male Model ) – www.instagram.com/dharvin.here
  4. Saathvika ( Female Model ) – www.instagram.com/saathvikaraj
  5. Sai Swetha ( Make Up Artist ) – www.instagram.com/sai_swetha_das

Western Wardrobe was sponsored by Gatsby and AllaboutJune. And the traditional outfit was sponsored by Gatsby and S Studio clothing.

Being Western:

You make me smile

For the western part of the shoot we decided to go with a Pink suit for the guy and lavender lehenga. Both the colors coordinated very well together and they shaped up as a couple. I want to go with muted Color backgrounds since their dresses have bright and catchy colors. Started shooting against a dark brown door that served this purpose very well.

Can’t take my eyes off
Purpling the Canvas
The Style

Getting Traditional:

For this part of our shoot we want to be laid back go really traditional with the clothing and looks of our models. A kurta for Dharvin and purple Saree for Saathvika served this purpose. Make up Artist Sai Swetha and Hairstylist Shahul pulled of vintage looks exactly as we imagined. Models step into the shoes and exhibited some classic retro romance that we wanted to see.

Classic Portrait

Both the models some class A stuff which gave some glimpse of what old school romance would have been like 🙂

Retro Woman
Getting each other

Hope you liked photos of this old school romance. If you would like to work with us reach out to our crew via Instagram. Also do leave your feedback about this shoot in the comment box below 🙂

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