Liberation and Solace

Beaches! The fresh air, scenic view, waves tickling your feet, warmth of the sun – who would say no to these. I am quite sure it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t love beaches. The love for beaches, the sense of liberation and solace we find in a beach gave this photo series a purpose. Have you ever felt that beach listens to your sorrows ? And waves singing consolation to you ? Embracing you to it’s bosom of solace ? That moment you let your guards down and be totally the vulnerable ‘you’!

No Masks !
No Pride !
No Ego !
No arrogance !Just the raw and the vulnerable you!

This photo series is all about depicting the relationship a woman being her pure self has with beaches. Depicting raw and pure self is tougher than it sounds. This photo shoot was done with zero make up on the model. She was being her raw self on all of these photos. This also makes a humble reminder that we need no makeup to look beautiful !


We started early in the morning to catch the soft light of golden hour at the beach but what came in as a surprise is that we even managed to get there during moon set. Our muse wore a brown bohemian wear that goes well with the mood we had in mind.

Liberation and Solace:

“A state of trance it is, a spell bounded moment which draws me to it over and over again”

“In an age of mindless rush, you gave me a sense of calmness, calmness that’s ever hard to find”

“Amidst all the chaos, I find home in every speck of sand. This is a place I can lay down my burdens and pick myself up”

“Nobody gives the freedom I deserve like you, you have un-clipped my wings and set me free”

“My listener! My comfort! My freedom!”

“Distant waves washing my pain and agony away”

“You taught me what it is to be natural, to embrace my flaws and carry it with pride”

“Trying to escape the world of reality, away from all these chaos and commotion”

“Set sails, the path towards liberation is perilous and am ready to traverse through it”

“You make me happy as a song on a day of sunshine”

“Embracing my broken, mended, flawed, strong, weak , raw, inner self”

“I bare myself all out to you, the scars you see were the wounds you healed “

We strongly believe that this Photo series must have dug up some nostalgic moments you had with beaches. Put on your flippers, take a walk along the beach and let it do its magic.

We would love to listenĀ  to your feedback about this photo series. You can check out other Photo narrative series we have created. Use the below comment box to express your thoughts and opinions. Follow our work via Instagram, Youtube and other social media channels.

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