Viltrox video light VL – 162T review

Viltrox VL 162T

Photography gears are expensive and while starting up your Photography career it’s pretty impossible to get all the top notch gears.  In those cases we turn to budget friendly gears which will do neat job but comes with few compromises. In this article am going to review such budget friendly Viltrox video light : VL 162T which just costs around $35 USD from Gearbest and I strongly suggest you to buy from them using this link.


On hand VL 162T felt pretty light and very good build quality. We have got 1/4 inch screw which can be used to fit on to any tripod. Apart from that, this light comes with two brackets that will be used to attach the video light to the camera Hotshoe. This light comes with a detachable cover that is used to soften the light.


  1. Adjustable color temperature ranging from 3300K – 5600K.
  2. Adjustable brightness from 20 to 100%
  3. Powered from DC adapter 9 to 12V.
  4. Can also be powered from Li ion battery ( Not included along with the product ).
  5. LCD screen that shows the brightness and color temperature.
  6. Button to adjust the Brightness and Color temperature of the light.


The quality of light is pretty good for this budget and pretty much a great fit for fill lighting for my videos.  Coupling with natural light and reflector I could shoot some good quality videos. But this will not suit for professional quality use or at least you need two to three lights for professional quality lighting.

Another highlighting thing about this is that its very light and can sit on your Camera hot shoe pretty easily. Since it is of very low weight its pretty easy to handle your camera when this light is on it. Next the adjustment controls in this Viltrox video light is pretty straight forward and can be made with a simple button.


  1. Variable color temperature
  2. Budget friendly
  3. Light weight
  4. Easy to use


  1. Less powerful light even at maximum brightness
  2. Quality of light is good but not of professional quality


If you are starting out and want to shoot some good quality videos without burning a hole in the pocket. This video light will fit you very well. But if you are looking to step up the game and looking for professional quality stuff, this is not the right product for you.

Hope this review was of great help to you. Read our other gadget reviews in here. Do leave your comment/ feedback / questions about this review below.

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