Types of Photography genres

Types of Photography genres – this topic makes a hell of a discussion. Everyday a certain type of photography is sprouting with gadgets pushing the limits Photography has become a vast ocean. Today we are going to discuss some of the common genres in Photography and their difficulty level.

1) Landscape photography

Difficulty level: Beginner

One of the most famous types of photography genres takes a lot of effort. It’s all about getting the beautiful nature in thy camera with good colors and interesting perspectives. Having the right eye and creative perspective can be a wow factor in this genre.

2) Portrait photography:

Difficult level: Beginner

Photographing people showcasing their features under natural or studio lighting with some interesting backgrounds or back drops. Lighting holds a great power in this style of photography and playing around can get some unique and great results.

3) Black and white Photography:

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Showing the world in black and white may sound simple but this is something that needs a lot of practice and experience. This genre in Photography is used when you need to shoot something dramatic or of high intensity. This kind of photography works out when the light source is hard.

4) Fashion photography:

Difficulty level: Intermediate

This genre of photography is characterized by shooting fashion models with Fashionable dresses and accessories. The photographer should have a good sense of fashion to be successful in this genre of photography. Creativity and light are the two main ingredient in this genre. Check out the best modeling agencies in America.

5) Marine photography:

Difficulty level: Expert

This type of photography takes great effort and skill to shoot. If swimming in the water is difficult, imagine swimming with photography gears and shooting at the same time. Good eye and the ability to traverse the waters without disturbing Marine life is very much necessary for these kinda photographers.

6) Wildlife photography:

Difficulty level: Expert

Shooting of wild animals in their habitat is highly challenging task and risky as well. Photographers who practice this genre take great precaution while shooting wildlife. It is essential to know the nature of animals while shooting.

7) Architecture photography:

Difficulty level: Beginner

These photographers will showcase the man made wonders in beautiful way. Can be challenging depends on the type of architecture to be photographed. Concept of leading lines is pretty much the heart beat for these type of photography.

8) Event photography:

Difficulty level: Intermediate

This genre of Photography is the best paid among photography. Events like wedding, birthday are some fine examples of this kind of photography. Shooting events poses a specific set of challenges. The photographer needs to be creative and spontaneous to be successful.

9) Conceptual Photography:

Difficulty level: Expert

The idea behind this genre is to explain a concept by putting together appropriate elements. This genre requires high level of creativity and logical thinking to execute the concepts with perfection. But this genre is really fun to practice.

10) Aerial Photography:

Difficulty level: Intermediate

Covering aerial views of any place from your lens. Aerial Photography has greatly took a paradigm shift with the introduction of drones. It is extremely user friendly where once Photographer have to travel via helicopter to shoot Aerial photos. Aerial is one of the interesting forms of Photography and concept of leading lines plays a major role in this genre.

Hope this article was useful to all the beginners out there. Happy Shooting 🙂


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