Tryst of the block & weave : a contemporary Saree Photoshoot

In this Photo-shoot, we joined hands with Design Tanoti – a clothing brand in the city who is giving twist to the flavor of saree with contemporary fabric and hand painted design. The whole idea was to show saree in a different light – by bringing out the values that resonate with the brand itself – a  contemporary mood, weave a story with lot of twists, be more addictive, never boring and finally to break the stereotype of wearing it.


  1. Photographers – Nithya Rajapandian & Frank Donald
  2. Models – Shweta Gai, Neena Reddy & Juhi Bafna
  3. Wardrobe and Styling – Design Tanoti
  4. Jewellery – PraDe Jewels
  5. Make up and Hair – Vani Jain

We got super chic hand painted & block printed sarees from Design Tanoti & timeless statement jewelry from PraDe Jewels. Shweta Gai who is a sought after model in the city was our first choice to pull off completely bold looks. Neena Reddy – owning Design Tanoti had amazing styling nuances and pulled off the look effortlessly. Juhi added a whole natural raw flavor to the photo-shoot.

Hazy Hues

We had Shweta wearing a hand painted olive green with tints of beige saree with beige crop blouse. Nude make up look with two braids to hit the contemporary styling. We wanted this look to have a completely monochromatic aesthetic – so we have shot this in a brown hazy open fields that almost blends with the saree.

Natural sunlight was our key light to make it look as natural as possible with a slight dash of artificial light to just to elevate the features of saree and model.

Timeless Black

Black never fails. It never failed us either. For this 2nd look, Shweta wore a black block printed saree paired with a black blouse. We went with sleek hair, smoky eyes to bring the timeless intense look. We spotted this house with classic windows where natural light was seeping in. Blended it with flashlight to bring depth to the photographs.

Pink and Grey

Pink is always stereotyped color and we decided to make a bold statement with it. We found a building that’s still under construction to shoot this look. The grey walls added a rustic flavor to the photographs. With more of shadow play  elevated the rusticity.


Model Juhi Bafna exhibited elegance in this beautifully crafted Rose gold saree with a wild pink off shoulder blouse. A statement neck-piece from Prade took elegance to the next level. We decided to use  strobes to be the main source of light and blend it with ambient light.

The White duo

Neena Reddy and Juhi Bafna together rocked the screen by flaunting White and Black  Saree. The bold statement jewelry from PraDe turned the look to regal. As the evening set in we went to use  the soft sunset glow and a blend of artificial light.

Behind the scenes

Any photoshoot would be incomplete without the glimpse from the behind the scenes.

So here it is. Exclusive 🙂

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  1. Photographers – Nithya Rajapandian & Frank Donald
  2. Models – Shweta Gai, Neena Reddy & Juhi Bafna
  3. Wardrobe and Styling – Design Tanoti
  4. Jewelry – PraDe Jewels
  5. Make up and Hair – Vani Jain

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