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I am Nithya Rajapandian a Photographer based out of Chennai. I am highly into on Landscape, Fashion and portrait Photography & Videos. I also sometimes try my hands at product and food photography. We all know Photography is way more expensive than what others think. You can’t tag any Photography accessory and claim it to be a fit for all genres of Photography. However, taking up Photography as a career we need to be flexible and take up shoots that comes in way. On the other hand buying Gears and accessories for all the genres is impossible.

So that’s where Snapbrew comes into place.  Snapbrew is a Photography & Videography gear and accessory renting service based out of Chennai. And I being a customer of this place for about 2 years now and can rely on them for gears any day. So I thought it’s only fair to introduce their service to all our audience based out of Chennai and I hope it will help my fellow photographers to build career in Photography, without burning a hole in your pocket.
Reasons why Snapbrew is best in the city


Being in the middle of City ( Kotturpuram ), their place is quite reachable during working hours. This saves you a lot of trouble of travelling from time to time to fetch and return the gears. I have added their location below, pay a visit for all the needs relating to gears and accessories or you can call them to find about their range of gears and availability. Thank me later.

Wide range of gears:

From Camera body, lenses to filters I find these guys have it all. Their website shows a detailed list of available gears. Check it here
There are instances with other rental services where I have to rent multiple gears for a shoot and I ended up renting couple of gears from a particular rental service and other gears from different service. It will be too much hassle to handle since collecting and returning the gears from and to different places will be a real pain. They have gears for all kinds of genres and have good availability comparative to their competitors. So obviously whenever there is a need for renting gears they will be the first person to contact.

Competitive prices:

Price is a great factor you need to consider when renting out gears. Neither You cannot burden clients or yourselves too much with a big fat bill that you need to pay for renting gears.  Snapbrew offer gears at competitive prices and in turn burden to my clients is pretty less. You can check the prices of different gears and accessories in their website.

Customer friendly:

Photoshoot tend to divert from the plan. Almost all the photoshoots I have done so far extended to a longer time span than planned. It’s good to stick within the time but not everytime we get to have the luxury of falling within deadlines due to multiple reasons. Once I had a car breakdown and delayed my return from shoot location. In such cases with other services there is a lot of pressure from the rental service who push you to return it before or on time but never they consider the situations of the shoot for extended duration. But Snapbrew is totally customer friendly and flexible for unforeseen circumstances, if it is for genuine reasons.
Finally, its a bonus to have a support from rental who understands the needs of the customer, understands the passion that photographers have towards their and help you in a way by being flexible, customer friendly and tips on the choice of gears and other queries.
Hope the guys from Chennai will try out Snapbrew and get benefited from their valuable service. If you have already tried Snapbrew I would like to know about your thoughts on their service.

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