How to exercise your Creative brain for Photography

Most people believe being creative is an born trait and cannot be exercised or developed in any way. But this is another gang land myth that’s stopping us from trying to be creative. In fact any one can be a creative and this trait can be exercised further developing your creative senses. This quality of being creative is extremely important when comes to Photography in order for your work to stand out. This creative trait can boost up your game of Photography and is one of the important tricks to have in your sleeve.

Travel to a New place:

Exercising your Creative part needn’t to be boring. Travelling to a new place and experiencing something new is a great way to stretch your creative muscle. Traveling to a new place or immersing yourself in new experiences improves your cognitive flexibility and this in turn tingles your creativity greatly and higher your cognitive flexibility is more creative you will become. A study by Academy of Management suggests the same.


Physical exercise not only shapes your physical body but it also boosts your brain activity. Exercise increases the blood and oxygen flow to the brain which in turn induces creativity in you. The more sound you are in Physical aspects it will improve your mental aspects and improve your creative thinking greatly.

Paint/ Doodle/ Draw:

Nothing can be more creative than being an artist. If you have forgotten your habit of doodling in your notebooks from your childhood its time to pick up that habit again. Draw / Paint / Doodle what ever you are comfortable doing at. But try to create something out of your imagination rather than things that you have seen. This habit will open up your creativity by leaps and bounds and makes you a great creative mind.

Think outside the box:

We always think inside the box. Here box means mental boundaries we have developed right from our young age. Most of the time when we think about an idea, we all the habit of assessing its positives, negatives and possibility of working out then and there. We do this from our past experiences and outcomes of earlier events. Thinking out of box means just creating an idea without any established boundaries. It means you won’t think about its positives or negatives or the possibility of succeeding with it. Instead you will note down the idea that pops in your mind without probing into it. This type of thinking opens up your perspectives and make you think from a different point of view you haven’t imagined before.

Declutter your Mind and Space:

It is an important process in your pursuit to achieve creative mind. Decluttering here means clearing up your space or mind. It is popularly believed that messy people are creative but you cannot expect such thoughts to roll down your mind when you are engulfed in a huge mess. You need to clean up your space, get some organization in your work place and watch it work magic in your creative pursuit. Also clear your mind off from distractions, stress as a part of Decluttering. A clear mind is indeed a great tool to generate creative thoughts.

These tips have been widely suggested and practiced by many Photographers and yielded handsome result for them. Hope these five tips will help to awaken your creative mind and of course make you a better photographer and more than that a better artist. Please share your thoughts, feed backs in the comment box below.

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