GoPro El Grande : Review


Am a huge GoPro fan because it fun to shoot contents with it than other and offers fresh perspective. And another reason GoPro is so cool and successful is because of it’s accessories. Accessories of GoPro widely enhances it’s capabilities and gives lot of freedom to explore different perspectives. In addition to cool accessories comes GoPro El Grande which is a typical handle for this action camera but it extends up to whooping 38 inches making it largest extension handle GoPro has every received till date.

Highlighting Features:


The one thing I am pretty impressed about El Grande is it’s sturdy handle. It offers great grip while shooting, thanks to its premium rubber covered handle. With this grip I no longer need to worry about slipping off my hands. Added to that a cable is attached to it’s bottom allowing user to attach them to their hands just in case it happens to slip from your hands.


The Camera holder at the top of pole is equipped with ball and socket design. Thereby allowing us to fix the camera at any angle and shoot the scene. Also it’s possible to give a swivel GoPro to 360° without having removing from the holder. This feature spices up your perspectives totally.


As I have already mentioned this extension pole measures 38 cm in total but when not extended it measures only about 15 inches. All you have to do is give a quick twist then extend and then another twist to keep it in place. We have seen this feature in other versions of extension pole from GoPro but this locks in so perfectly and didn’t snap out of its place unlike other extension poles.


Last but not the least there is a 1/4 inch screw thread at the bottom of El Grande allowing us to fix it to tripod or rotators etc. Even though GoPro is an action camera there are instances where I had to place it stationary to get the shot done. This is a significant improvement and offers additional functionality 🙂

Experience with GoPro El Grande:

The experience with this extension pole is quite extraordinary. It overall feels sturdy and offers comfort while usage without hurting the hands. Extending part is very easy with the twist and lock mechanism and can be done on the go even while shooting.

Ball and socket offers flexible angles and easy to set with loosening up the screw a bit. Not much hassle! Using the secure strap might feel bit odd but will gradually get used to it. Quick release plate.


– Premium handle
– Easily adjustable angle
– Quick release plate for using it ON and OFF the pole
– Easy to extend the pole length


– Feels heavy after using it for a considerable time


GoPro El Grande is certainly a must have accessory for your GoPro camera. It will change your perspective pretty greatly and adds a great punch to your content.

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