Don’t be just a Photographer, be an Artist

Photography is an art. It takes more than good camera or light or composition to take great photographs. It takes vision and diverse perspectives to shoot mind blowing photos. But with rise in Photography business, Photographers are forced to act monotonous and kill their artist spirit in an attempt to succeed in their business.

Don’t run the race:

There is been a constant rise in the number of Photographers entering the market. With that being said the competition can be really overwhelming. Don’t run the race at the cost of losing your creative artists within you. In order to be successful in Photography business you of course need to hustle but be careful not to loose the vision and perspective in the process. Draw inspiration but don’t copy others work and execute them. You don’t need to do something just because your fellow Photographer or competitor has done it Develop your own style and be creative while keeping the hustle alive.

Quality over Quantity:

This is a common dilemma that every Photographer will face. We all want more pictures. And moreover we all want more quality pictures. But what should be given high priority quantity or quality ? It is quite easy to figure out the answer for this question. Consider you are doing a fashion shoot and you end up with 100 photos by the end of session. And when reviewing the batch of photos you can find only 10 quality photos that can be delivered to the client. What’s the point in shooting more pictures if the quality is compromised. So always give Quality top priority while shooting. Take time to picture the shot, frame it and shoot. And take time in reviewing your Photos to see if it fits your expectations. This will improve the quality of your Photos greatly and help you with the process of becoming an artist.

Let your thoughts come to life:


Expressing your vision through Photography is very important step in the process of becoming an artist. The pictures you take should have some meaning or story behind it. Photos need to convey a story or it will be plain and boring. So next time before pressing the shutter have a vision about the scene that lies in front of you. Work on your composition so that the story expresses itself and cut down the distraction. This might sound something alien but keep putting a simple story behind every photo and you will get the flow of it easily.

Make your work unique:


Develop a sense of uniqueness in your Photos. This is usually termed as Style or Signature among artists. Be it in the lighting or composition or elements in the Photo try and develop a unique style that screams you in the Photographs. This will improve your work drastically as you always strive for uniqueness and creativeness in your work.

These are some of the important points to set your path in becoming an artist rather than just a Photographer. Hope this article have helped you. Do leave your feedback, opinions in the comment section below. Take a look at our Photography related resources in our website.

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