Benro Travel Tripod Aero 2 : Review


You can never stress the importance of a quality Tripod enough. In my opinion Tripod is the second most important gear you should have in your kit bag apart from your Camera and Lenses. Finding a right Tripod wasn’t a easy task. I have to look at factors such as weight, size, functionality, cost and ease of use before choosing the right one for me. After looking at these factors I bought Benro A1883FS2C, Aero 2 Travel series Tripod. And here am writing my first hand experience with this Tripod. as review.

Aero 2 Tripod – Features:

  1. S2C removable flat base fluid effect video head. ( Both horizontal / Vertical )
  2. This video head comes with quick release plate and safety stop.
  3. Bubble level is integrated to ensure perfect alignment while shooting.
  4. Reverse folding legs for fitting it in a backpack and this makes it convenient to carry.
  5. Convertible to Monopod for shooting stable videos
  6. Maximum usable load of 2.5kg or 5.5 lb
  7. The tripod measures 1.86kg or 4.1 lb
  8. Minimum height: 18.5 inches or 47 cm.
  9. Maximum height is 62.4 in or 158 cms
  10. It comes with 4 leg sections with 3 stops.

First hand experience:

It might sound like am overreacting but am really surprised with its compactness. The way it fits in the bag is impressive. And it feels so light. I can imagine myself going for brutal and hard treks with it without struggle. With the weight the stability it provides is quite unbelievable. The locking system of the legs works like a charm and you experience no shakes even under heavy windy conditions.

The quick release makes the Camera ON/OFF of Tripod more smoothly and easily enabling me not to miss any key moments be it Landscape or other Genres of Photography. The ball head allows me to go creative and shoot from different angles and positions. On the other hand Video head  really comes in handy when shooting videos providing seamless movement.


There is a lot to tell but am listing few advantages that are worth mentioning.

  1. Light weight and compact design making it easy to carry and use.
  2. Quick release plate making the usage of Tripod seamless.
  3. Sturdy legs eliminate shakes while in operation.
  4. Pan heads makes the pan fluid and adds flavor to the video.
  5. Height adjustments are quite easy with quick stops.
  6. Can get creative angles with Ball head.


There are very few  disadvantages to list but to name a few

  1. Locking the legs to desired position can be bit tricky
  2. Too many knobs might take some time to get used with it.

Hope this review was useful to you, will come with another review soon. Read other Photography Gear Reviews in our website.

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