7 beginner photographer mistakes and guide to avoid them

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Photography is fun, who doesn’t like taking cool photos? It is a hot profession right now as many of us want to make a career out of it. If you are one among those who wanna make a career out of it, then you need to make a start right now. I wrote this article with the intention to help budding photographers who wants to take up this career. This article will point important mistakes that every beginner makes and why they should avoid them in order to be successful.

Shoot RAW:


You must have read it in ‘n’ number of websites and you will come across this particular topic if you are serious about pursuing photography as a career. However, you will never know what it does until you see it yourself. With the way Photoshop and other photo editing tools have developed into, it has taken complete control of the RAW file and you can do wonders in post processing if you shoot in RAW. There are so many AI modules built into currently developed editing tools and they are having pixel level control to manipulate the photograph. Shoot RAW and see it for yourself.

Refer other Photographer works for inspiration and keep on improving:


Find inspiration & build your portfolio. When you start up, you tend to look up at other proven photographers and their work for inspiration. Sometime you tend to recreate similar photographs as well. It’s a great point to start with since you have an ocean to learn – be it about the gear or the techniques that are used. However, some fail to build a style for their own which actually makes their work stand out from crowd. Learn about all types of photography but find which excites you more while shooting it and then try to build aesthetics or style of your own.

Do not take Photos just for Social media:

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Yes. you read it right. Photography has evolved in a multitude of things and currently taken a big turn with the growing influence on social media. And there are people who would want to take photographs just for the sake of posting on Instagram, Facebook etc., However, you need to remember you should use the platform to share your work/art and not get influenced to take Instagram/Facebook type of photos only. These days on an average a person sees thousands of photos on a daily basis and will eventually forget your wok. Create photographs that you will be remembered for and you are happy about creating. Do not go behind ‘likes’ or gaining followers on your social accounts and be a Social media Photographer.

Keep Learning:

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When you start pursuing photography, you should know that it’s going to be a learning on everyday basis. The learning is never going to stop. In photography, clicking the button is the last thing you do. Before that you have so much things to learn about – like

  1. Be in the right place at the right time
  2. Being fast enough to capture moments
  3. Composing your shot
  4. Seeing things in a way which others normally fail to do so.
  5. Look for the perfect light. Light is everything.
  6. Let the colors play.
  7. Ensure there is a story in your photograph.
  8. Know your camera.
  9. Know your craft.

Be fearless to break the rules:

Image courtesy: pixelstrobist.com
Do not be afraid to try a new style. There are rules which can make your photographs look better, sticking to these rules is fine but don’t be bound by it. So, when you look through the viewfinder and get awed at your frame with composition, light, the story it is about to say, then just go ahead click that button. Sometimes rules can be broken. Who knows, your new style may get you win a photography contest, inspire others to click in the same way. So experiment different perspectives, create your own style and do not be limited by the basic ground rules.

Earning comes later:

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Everyone of us would love to make a living out of Photography. But the hard bitter truth is that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Just like college education in Photography learning comes first and earning comes next. Many beginner Photographer who decided to pursue photography as a career give up in the midway since they think about earning too much without focusing on mastering the craft. Never ever do that, always remember this mantra “Earning after Learning”.

Make meaningful investments:

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Let’s face the reality Photography is damn costly and everything comes with big fat price tag. Not many of us would be able to afford for great gears at the beginning of our journey. But that shouldn’t make you shy away from the fact in order to be successful you need to have good gears. So make meaningful investments in your journey to upgrade  for better gears and equipment. Before making these investments always ask yourself “Why” you are making this investment and “How” it’s gonna help in your journey as a Photographer.

Looking at all the above things, you need to be open to learning all the way. Hope these tips were something to relate and reflect. Read my other informative articles on Photography here.

I always use Pexels for to find images for illustrative purposes in my article. They have thousands of free to use images ( excluding commercial purpose ) in their website. Do check it out .

I would like to know if you have any tip to share which you put it in the comment section below – so that all of us can learn.

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