5 quick tips to shoot great photos

When I was a beginner I always wondered why my photos sucks and it took time and practice to figure out what am doing wrong. I often queried on tips to improve photos from beginners. So I thought why not write simple quick tips for beginners to improve their photos greatly. Let’s get to it 🙂

Quick Tips:

Understand the light and control the exposure:

Photo credit: Christina Craft

Lighting is the main ingredient to shoot great photos. One cannot stress the importance of lighting enough, when shooting your photos always understand the light available. Observe the source, intensity and how far it lights up your subject or point of interest. Once you figured out the lighting part control the exposure in your camera to get your desired shot.


Photo credits: Nithya Rajapandian

To simply put composition can be defined as the arrangement of elements in your frame. Great photo takes interesting composition. Composition can be really tricky and you need to cut down the distractions and include key elements and then arrange them in interesting fashion.

Time your photos:

Photo courtesy: Nithya Rajapandian

We don’t get the luxury of shooting photos at your own pace. As a photographer you need to be quick and precise in your timing when shooting photos. This is of great importance especially when your subject or point of interest is in motion. Get the timing right and your photos will instantly improve.

Colors, colors and more colors:

Photo credit: Nithya Rajapandian

There are few instances where you intentionally need to reduce the colors in your photo. But apart from those cases majority of us want to have some excellent colors in our photos. To achieve thid you need to understand white balance and it’s impact on your photos. Setting the correct white balance and can bring out excellent colors in your photos. If the frame is in your control ( subject, background) usage of complimentary colours can make your photos stand out.

Intuition :

Photo credit: Tirachard

Well I have added this point at the bottom for a reason. Every Photographer should follow their intuition, it makes the photo unique and your own style to the photos. But to master this you need to experiment and shoot a lot. In time with practice your intuition will guide to shoot some great photos and you needn’t refer to tips like these ( pun intended)

Hope the above tips would have been a good help to you in improvising your Photography. Feel free to share your tips in the comments section below, I will be happy to add your tips in to this article. Happy shooting fellas, see you next time.

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