4 best quick editing apps for your phone

It’s fair to say that every image on the Internet that we see today is edited. Editing plays an important part in Photography today. Opening up and sitting before my desktop/laptop for a prolonging editing session is not a great option every time. So to make your editing super fast and bring A game every time, you need help of quick editing apps in your smartphone that can make your life lot easier. Read this below and thank me later.



Platforms: Playstore and App store

Ratings: 4+

For those who have used desktop version of Lightroom would know the magic that it does to a photograph with great control over the tone, light, White balance and exposure of your image. Mobile version of Lightroom does live up to its predecessor. This can be the perfect choice for adjusting white balance, color strokes apart from the usual filters offered by all other apps. Play around with the lighting values available.  The cloud library of the lightroom is available in mobile version as well so it becomes a breeze to edit the pictures quickly and retrieve the previously worked ones.



Platforms: Playstore and App store

Ratings: 4+

While not all of us are a fan of filters as photographers – some filters come in handy for quick posting for social media content. Like for instance, the perspective filter in the snapseed app can help fix skewed lines in an image shot on your mobile. The Curves filter brings about precise adjustment of the photo’s brightness. This goes to say what makes Snapseed unique. Thoughtful filters for head poses, lens blur, double exposure and text. From dramatic enhancements to the subtle ones like above – Snapseed does a great job .Also you will hear many good photographers vouch for this.



Platforms: Playstore and App store

Ratings: 4.4

While the other apps that we saw are all good for patient editing, VSCO is editing on the move. One tap editing for uni-layered pics also called monochrome images, are best edited using VSCO. This app have got the best filters for abstract photos with artsy touch. Also VSCO is mostly iphone user’s favorite app. Its classy user interface and editing approach makes it the most classy app among the others.

Photoshop Express:


Platforms: Playstore and App store

Ratings: 4.6

Photoshop express is another free app that is popular for quick photo editing. It comes with many little tools. Auto enhance tool that elevates the perspective and the look of a picture, apart from conventional filters and adjustment tools. Image cleaning is easier with this app, in the sense – dehaze, addition and removal of grain without pixelating the image and control over luminance noise is a walk in the park using Photoshop Express.

We have shared with you some of the best and easy-to-use apps for your smartphone. This will help a ton for super fast retouching and editing. As standalone apps, Adobe apps obviously compete with their Lightroom and PS Express while VSCO is for unique editing, not to be missed yet.

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