10 must have Photography gadgets / accessories


Now a days quality of a photo heavily relies on the gadgets which we use since there are plenty of techniques which for which we need the help of gadgets or accessories to bring out the best photos. Considering that I have put together a list of 10 Photography gadgets / accessories a Photographer must have to bring the best in themselves. 

10) Camera bags:


A comfortable backpack for your camera could make a lot of difference on your shoot day by making your travel comfortable, keeping rain/dust at bay, and protects your camera from sudden falls/shocks.

9) Filters:


At one point of time if you are into travel or landscape photography – there will arise a need for making those skies look blue and dramatic which can be done with filters like ND or Nd grad filters. You will need to protect your lens which will be done with help of UV filters. Its highly recommended that every photographer owns one.

8) Remote shutter release /Intervalometer:


Any shots that require the frame to be exposed for a long time then its mandate that you will need rem shutter release / interval. This will come in handy for long exposures, night sky, timelapse photography

7) Tripod


A sturdy tripod to hold your camera and withstand the adverse external conditions like rain, heavy winds etc

6) Tripod head:


Apart from the ones in which integrated heads with the tripod legs – separate tripod heads gives extra support to & holds the camera more effectively as it is designed for more sturdy support. Depending on the type of Photography – we have types of tripod head like ball bearing, 3-way heads etc

5) Lenses:


Be it a photography hobbyist / a professional the need for additional lenses is never ending. For different locations, different subjects that you are shooting there always is a requirement for that one specialized lens.

4) Lens and sensor cleaners:


Rather than rushing to a service center for cleaning your camera become tedious in due course. A pack of sensor cleaning swabs & sensor cleaning fluid can help you do it yourself on regular basis. A blower can be used to blow off specks of dust particles.

3) Lens hood:


Apart from being the first level protection for lens, this helps you to cut flares of harsh natural light conditions which will enhance the details of the photograph.

2) Flash gun:


A flash gun will help you for effective flash photography. This will have effective exposure control for your photographs. This should be compatible with your camera’s metering system

1) Flash diffuser / gel:


A flash diffuser softens the intensity of your flash light and gives more flattering results. Color gels can be put to use to provide contrast colors to the background or subject and gives a punch to your photograph.

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